IT professional since 1988. The focus was always on the technical aspects of Databases, Operating Systems, Support and SW development. I know ORACLE since Version 7.0 and got in-depth development, support, tuning and project work since then in all versions.

I focus on building the solution which the business really needs in an easy, fast, state of the art and maintainable way. I cover business understanding up to implementation details.

I strongly believe that IT is based on physical rules which can be tested and measured. Fixes can be applied exactly where they are needed. Coding is not art, but proper handcraft, if it looks that way it makes it readable, performing and documented, ready to be improved and updated with new features or requirements whenever required. I do not believe in “silver bullets” but in efficient and fast analysis of any issue.

Operating Systems: OpenVMS, UNIX (SUN, AIX, LINUX) Windows

Databases: ORACLE, ORACLE Rdb, including numerous products aligned to this.

BI: OBIEE (installation, implementation, extension, tuning)

Perfect in SQL and PL/SQL in depth experienced with tuning and query
design, different applications for database implementation, but also MS
ACCESS, SYBASE, SQL-Server, Firebird.

Other tools: Numerous tools for IT development, code management, the full MS office suite including VBA, hundreds of self developed or carefully collected scripts, and many more.

+41 79 542 21 62